The best place to get your tanning injections

During the winter our skin is a fair, pale, discoloured looking, almost everybody is looking for a way to get sun kissed skin. And this isn’t just a problem during the winter, it’s also a problem during summer, everybody wants to tan, feel more vibrant. But this can sometimes be difficult, you have to spend hours in the sun, where you could get up getting sun burns. Or trying tanning beds, which are not god for your skin at all. And people also try spray tans which are truly an abomination, as it will start to come of, and sometimes could look unnatural. So what’s the best solution to get the best tan? Well you could try injections, just head over to the Lovemelanotan website, and you’ll be pleased with what they have in store for you. 

Who are they? 

This is a website that is solely focused on tanning through an injection course. They have melanotan products, and everything regarding to the process. They ensure that all their products are 99.9% pure melanotan. Not only that but on this site you can also find the steps on how to do it safely, so that you won’t be doing anything harmful to your body. Furthermore they have starter kits, so that you know exactly what you need during your first time. So overall this site has tools and guides you need to get that perfect tan. 

How much is it? 

The Lovemelanotan site offers various products relating to melanotan, and are varied at different prices. If you are looking for just the injection bottle it will cost you £22 on the site. But they also have starter kits, which I think are fairly cheaper than getting all the tools and injections separately, as it will cost £27 only. They also have water ampoules which are £4, and alcohol swabs that are only £5. So you can purchase all these as you like it, and get on with your tanning. 

How can you buy it? 

If you live in the UK, or anywhere for that matter you can get it from the site,, it is difficult to find it in stores, so going with an online option is better. You will have to register on to the site if you are not already, with that you can purchase anything you like. When the payment has been made they will start shipping you products, this will take around 2-3 business days, and around 7 business days for the rest of they world. However it could take much longer than that, if you order track shipping then you can see where you products is. If you have further questions you can contact them through the site.

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