The strength of the CBD market in Germany

Boom in the CBD Market in Germany

Since the market for hemp products has been growing strongly for some time now, at least since the beginning of 2019, especially products with the ingredient CBD are very much in vogue. Meanwhile, major players such as Coca Cola and Ben & Jerry’s have expressed an interest in entering this area, strengthening the credibility and prospects for success of this trend, despite the legal gray area in which CBD products are currently moving. Let’s see about the strength of the CBD market in Germany.

CBD as top trend 2019

Be it in the food industry with coffee cream and cream liqueur based on hemp milk, in cosmetics or even in the textile industry with fashion made from hemp fibers : Companies from the most diverse areas seem to have recognized the potential of the versatile plant and are increasingly enriching the market with innovative products products.

At the beginning of the year, among other things, in the Foodtrend Report for 2019 of the Global Buyers and Experts panel of the wholesalers chain Whole Foods, the use of various hemp components was listed as one of the decisive trends beyond their current usage. In the US National Restaurant Association’s ranking for this year’s trends in the food and hospitality industry, CBD-oil-based foods and beverages were in the top two , ahead of other major trends such as zero-waste and plant-based cuisine.

Analgesic and soothing effect without intoxication

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an ingredient of the hemp plant which, in contrast to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), does not have a psychoactive effect, as is the case with the processing of plant parts of the female hemp plant into marijuana and hashish.

CBD, on the other hand, is said to have a calming and analgesic effect with good tolerability and should help, among other things , anxiety, menstrual disorders, allergies and muscle tensions. However, conclusive unequivocal research results in this area do not seem to exist so far.

Innovative products in the European market

  • In Germany, among other things, CBD-containing chewing gum is available in Germany under the names “Taff Inaff” and “Swiss Cannabis Gum” from drugstores Rossmann and dm. At the beginning of the year, the latter took third place in the Top Innovations at the ISM Cologne, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks. In second place there was – to confirm the strong growing trend around the plant only – the (vegetarian) Hemptastic Hanfriegel Katjesgreenfood.

The Swiss start-up mode has brought the first CBD-containing beverage on the European market with its relaxing acting soft drink. The Dutch company Lovechock, which is known for its plant-based raw chocolate, has recently made its market debut in German organic supermarket shelves as part of the self-care line. 


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