Things to avoid after root canal (doctor-prescribed)

Root canals may sound terrifying but they are not. It is just a normal dental procedure which may take up to a week or two to completely recover. Immediately after a root canal, you might feel some pain in your teeth and gums, but that is very normal and obvious. There are some things that you need to avoid after the root canal.

Some tips by the dentist that you should follow after your root canal are-

Keep your head straight and don’t eat anything-The dentist will advise you to avoid lying down and keep your head straight. While you sleep, it would be good to add another pillow under your head to keep it elevated for some days. Also, don’t eat anything immediately after the procedure till the numbness is gone. You can also take medications for pain as prescribed by the doctor.

Gargle-The gum surroundings are prone to infections after the root canal. So, the doctor advises to gargle regularly till the pain completely goes away. You can use salt with warm water, which is more beneficial than plain warm water. Salt will help in eliminating the risk of infections and also removes if any has occurred.

Use cold compressors-If you are a fan of ice creams, this is the best time for having it and it is doctor-prescribed. The coldness of the ice cream will help in relieving the inflammation of the gums and teeth due to the procedure. It will also help in quick recovery. If you don’t want to have too much ice cream, you can use any other cold compressor to relieve the pain; they will also help in keeping the infections at bay. Also, avoid anything that can cause inflammation, like hot and hard food items, alcohols, smoking. You can refer to good dentist like First Impressions Dentistry for any dental related issues.