You may have visited a physical therapist [นักกายภาพบําบัด which is the term in Thai] but there are certain information that people often do not know that cause us even more intrigued.

Here are some facts that you might not know about physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists Can Work In Different Environments

Contrary to what many people think, physical therapists, work in different fields, such as hospitals; outpatient; private clinics; home physiotherapy companies; sports equipment and centers; day centers for the elderly; residences; schools and in some countries even in emergencies.

Physiotherapists can Treat Vertigo

When a person experiences dizziness with changes in posture or when moving their head, they are probably suffering from benign postural vertigo. Among all the types of vertigo that exist, this, in particular, is the most common. Vertigo is a dysfunction of the inner vestibular system of the ear and can be treated very effectively with physiotherapy, usually requiring very few sessions.

Physiotherapists Have University Degrees

Although physiotherapists in Spain exist since the 70s, there are still a large number of patients who do not know that physiotherapy is a university career. There are several masters and doctorates to deepen the knowledge of the different specialties of it, such as the master in sports physiotherapy; the master’s degree in physiotherapeutic diagnosis or the doctorate in osteopathy.

Physiotherapists Do Not Cure You, You Heal Yourself

What you read may surprise you, but physiotherapists don’t have magic wands or do magic, but we don’t enjoy watching people suffer either. Physiotherapists have tools to improve your condition and calm the pain for a while, but usually, it is the patients who daily worry about doing their rehabilitation well gets healing faster. When a patient care [ดูแลผู้ป่วย which is the term in Thai] more about doing his rehabilitation exercises that the physiotherapist sent that means the patient is very serious about his health.