Top 6 Professional Ways of Managing Acne

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It is common to have acne as it is one of the most common skin complications in the United States. The condition mainly affects teenagers, but adults are not exempt. The lingering scars can lower your confidence and self-esteem, but you can seek help from the board certified family medicine in Yonkers. You can adapt to a skincare regime to help you improve acne scars, but the best way to manage acne is through professional acne treatments. Even when you adopt self-help care practices, you must consult your healthcare professional to ensure you do the right thing. The following treatments might benefit you.

Prescription Medications and Antibiotics

Your provider can prescribe specific medications to manage certain cases of acne, depending on several factors. However, any medicines should be taken with care as there are possible side effects to be expected. Your provider will recommend an antibiotic to destroy any bacteria that could be causing your acne. Changing your birth control method can help you manage acne, especially if certain medications are responsible for bad acne. A special drug, Accutane, is mainly recommended in severe cases of acne.

Consider Getting a Facial

Acne can also be effectively managed through a facial. Consult your doctor about the treatment option to understand your choices and how you can benefit. Your provider can use different masks, cleansers, and extraction tools to minimize the appearance of acne on your face. Ensure you explore your provider’s expertise to be comfortable with the treatment, and you get a supplementary medically-oriented facial.

Try a Facial Peel

In addition to your regular skincare for eliminating acne, you can consider adding a facial peel. This involves using a specialized gel to get rid of bacteria cells and dead skin by dissolving them. However, you will have to add the procedure to your daily regime, a getting the facial peel regularly increases your chances of reducing your acne over time.

Ask Your Doctor About Microdermabrasion

Your acne can also be sanded down through a microdermabrasion treatment. This will help reveal fresh new skin without acne. Understand that each treatment will only affect the outermost layer of your skin, and doing it regularly will be more effective. Ensure you talk about any other treatment you might have undertaken before going for microdermabrasion to ensure you maximize your benefits.

Try Laser Treatments

You can also eliminate acne scars through several laser treatments. This entails the use of a laser to destroy acne by firing strong wavelengths of light. The process may have some discomfort, and you must talk with your doctor about managing any discomfort and improving your comfort during the treatment. However, laser treatments have been found to cut down acne by over 50%, meaning you can attain your goals with only a few treatments.

Consider Light Treatments

If you find laser treatments more painful, you can try light treatments that use mild pulses of light. This will kill the bacteria causing acne with less discomfort. Your provider will send different light colors to your skin, and red, blue, and green colors have proven effective in killing acne. Ensure you consult your doctor to find out if you can gain from this treatment.

If acne stands between you and boosted confidence and self-confidence, contact the ace treatment specialists at Juvanni MedSpa today for help. You will learn the most suitable option for you, depending on your unique needs and objectives.