What is a podiatrist? Everything you need to know

The feet support the whole body; thus, foot health has a huge impact on your general health. With the foot and ankle having 33 joints, 26 bones, and more than 100 ligaments, muscles, and tendons, something could go amiss in a wide range of places. Issues such as ingrown nails, bunions, calluses, corns are quite prevalent. Luckily, numerous preventative actions could help avoid foot or ankle issues. At CHW Cares, podiatrist Polina Zaydenberg, DPM, and Juyla Keselman, DPM, are professionals in this field and provide help with both feet and ankle concerns. Besides, they offer counsel on how to avoid problems and manage any illnesses that have already developed. If you have problems with your feet or ankles, arrange an appointment with a podiatrist in New York through mobile or request online to determine the root issue.

What Is a Podiatrist and What Do They Do?

A podiatrist is a specialist in podiatric medicine who diagnoses and treats problems with the feet, ankles, and other leg structures. At CHW Cares, your podiatrist may focus on a particular field, including wound care, pediatrics, sports medicine, as well as diabetic care.

Reasons to See a Podiatrist?

Your feet do a lot of work. By the time you reach 50 years, you will have strolled 75,000 miles on them. Their intricate structures, including tendons, ligaments, and bones, must all work in unison to sustain your movements. For this reason, the podiatric specialists at CHW Cares offer a wide range of health services.

If you experience any of the following concerns, you should talk to a podiatrist:

·         Foot pain

·         Discolored or thick toenails

·         Warts and other growths

·         Bunions

·         Hammertoes

·         Nail disorders

·         Heel spurs

·         Cysts

·         Scaling or peeling on your soles

·         Arthritis

·         Sprains and fractures

You should also consult a podiatrist if you plan to enhance your physical activity. They can determine if your legs and feet could withstand the added strain.

What to Expect When Visiting a Podiatrist?

Your first appointment with a podiatrist at CHW Cares will be similar to any other doctor’s appointment. Your practitioner will inquire about your health history, current medications, and any procedures you have undergone.

Your podiatrist will then examine how you stand and walk, your joint’s motion range, as well as how well your shoes fit. Once an accurate diagnosis is obtained, your doctor designs a customized care plan to meet your unique needs.

During the first visit, podiatrist Juyla Keselman, DPM, and Polina Zaydenberg, DPM of CHW Cares, may suggest treatment for conditions like ingrown toenails, heel pain, bunions, and diabetes. Additional services that your doctor may recommend are physical therapy, padding, and orthotics.

Your podiatrist can also address your concerns through cryotherapy (freezing the problematic region) and steroid injections. If conservative measures fail to provide you relief, your specialist could result in surgery.

Are you experiencing pain in your feet or ankles? Consult a podiatrist at CHW Cares to determine the appropriate treatment alternative for you. Call the office or use the online scheduling feature to get started right away.