Top Signs of Concussion

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Have you never heard of concussion until now? Have you been experiencing something weird and you’ve been told that you are going through concussion? Are you here to learn what this term means and whether or not you are really experiencing it? Before you search for a doctor for concussion in San Diego it is important you find out what it means and its top signs.

What is the meaning of concussion?

When there is a blow to your head, you go through an episode of concussion. It is also caused by shaking of the head or body violently. While some people go through a minor jerk in the head area when they get a concussion, there are others who lose their consciousness as well, leading to major symptoms.

What are some of the top signs of concussions?

  • Minor to severe headaches that can last from several minutes to days together. Such headaches cannot be controlled easily and need proper medication for suppression.
  • There are episodes of confusion when you are going through concussion. You don’t understand what’s happening around you or what exactly is going on. Since a lot of people are not even aware of such a problem, they are often confused about what’s going on.
  • Loss of memory is another symptom that many people with concussion go through, either for a short or a long period of time. In severe cases, the memory is not even retained.
  • Ringing in the ears is also experienced by a lot of people who are in the episode of concussion. It is often confused by tinnitus, but is far more severe than this complication.
  • Constant sleepiness is another symptom of concussion. There is a difference between lethargy, laziness and constant sleepiness due to a sudden jerk to the head.
  • Excessive fatigue is also noticed in people with the episode of concussion. Such a symptom should not be confused with morning sickness or other kind of lack of energy.
  • Vomiting and dizziness often come together, when an individual has gone through a situation leading to concussion.

If you notice a person going through involuntary jerk in the head, falling unconscious, feeling confused, looking dizzy, vomiting, etc., he must be rushed to the nearby hospital immediately. Even if the episode is not severe, getting a doctor’s opinion is always good. Sometimes, concussion leads to fear and trauma for the cause leading to the same.