Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery - Integrity Spine

Minimally invasive surgeries have gained popularity since the 90s. Many people can now see the benefits it offers as it helps improve the quality of life for patients in need of surgical intervention. During a minimally invasive surgery, your surgeon will use different operating techniques while causing minor injury to your body than open surgery. If you need minimally invasive surgery, you can have it done outpatient or with a short hospital stay. Laparoscopy is one of the best examples of minimally invasive surgery. During a laparoscopy, a McAllen minimally invasive surgery specialist uses small tubes, surgical instruments, and video cameras to operate through small incisions.

Minimally invasive surgeries have gained popularity across the world as they replace open surgeries in many procedures. But what are the benefits of minimally invasive surgery? Here are some key advantages you should know of.

  1. Tiny Incisions

If you needed surgery in the past, you would get scared at the thought of having a huge incision made on your body. However, a lot has changed since then. Your surgeon does not have to make any large incisions to conduct a minimally invasive surgery. They only have to make incisions large enough to insert the cameras, necessary surgical equipment, and tubes. Because of this, you will suffer minimum damage and potential trauma to nearby organs, soft tissues, tendons, nerves, and muscles.

  1. Reduced Complications

The small incisions made during minimally invasive surgeries significantly reduce swelling and bleeding during the procedure. Additionally, your surgeon does not have to make a big incision through your muscle to operate on your internal organs.

  1. Shorter Hospital Stay

With some minimally invasive surgeries, you will not have to go to a hospital at all. This can help you minimize overhead costs. If you have to go to a hospital for minimally invasive surgery, you will stay for a significantly shorter time than patients opting for conventional surgeries. In most cases, you will not even need an overnight stay which all contributes to reduced costs.

  1. Reduced Recovery and Downtime

After minimally invasive surgery, you will have a shorter recovery duration with limited activity restrictions. You also experience reduced postoperative swelling and pain so that you can resume regular activity after a few days. Due to the reduced amount of pain you will experience, you do not need any narcotic medications after the surgery, which presents another advantage due to the potential effects and addiction that come with narcotics.

  1. Better Cosmetics

With open surgery, you will have to live with a large scar for the rest of your life. Minimally invasive surgeries come with minimum scarring, so you do not have to worry about your looks. In some cases, after open surgery, you may need to pay for cosmetic procedures to get rid of the scars.

In summary, minimally invasive surgeries come with various benefits. You get to enjoy a shorter hospital stay and reduced recovery time and downtime. Due to the tiny incisions, the chances of complications reduce significantly. It also helps with cosmetics since you do not develop any large scars.