Hormone replacement therapy: Uses, types, and alternatives

Like any medication, the hormones used in hormone replacement treatment (HRT) may cause unwanted side effects. Any side effects generally improve over time, so it is a fantastic idea to persevere with therapy for three or more months when at all possible.

Talk to a GP when you’ve got serious side effects or else they persist for more than 3 weeks.

Negative effects of oestrogen

The primary side effects of taking oestrogen contain:


Breast tenderness or swelling

Swelling in different areas of the human body

Feeling ill

Leg cramps



Vaginal bleeding

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These unwanted effects will frequently pass after a couple weeks. To alleviate unwanted effects, try:

Taking your oestrogen dose with meals, which might help feelings of nausea and sickness

Ingesting a low-carb, low-carb diet, which might decrease breast tenderness

Performing routine exercise and stretching, to assist leg cramps

Negative effects of progestogen

The primary side effects of taking progestogen contain:

Breast tenderness

Swelling in different areas of the human body

headaches or migraines

Mood swings



Stomach (stomach ) pain

back pain

Vaginal bleeding

Much like negative effects of oestrogen, these can generally pass after a couple of weeks.

Should they last, a GP might recommend changing to another means of accepting progestogen, altering the medication you are taking, or decreasing your dose.

Weight gain and HRT

A lot of women think that taking HRT can cause them to put on weight, but there is no proof to support that claim.

You may get some weight through the menopause, however, that frequently happens no matter if you choose HRT.

Exercising frequently and ingesting a healthful diet should assist you to shed any undesirable weight.

More Critical dangers

HRT has also been associated with a heightened chance of blood clots and also particular kinds of cancer.

When determining whether to get hormone replacement treatment (HRT), it is important to comprehend the dangers.

Additionally, it is very important to think about HRT as just 1 of a variety of choices to enhance menopausal and postmenopausal health and health.

Several studies on HRT which were published over the previous 15 years emphasize the possible dangers. Because of this, some girls and physicians are reluctant to use HRT.

However, more recent evidence claims the dangers of HRT are modest and are often outweighed by the advantages.