Once you find a Camarillo retirement home that meets your needs and budget for your loved one, the next step is to determine what you should pack. You want to make your loved one’s living quarters as comfortable for him as possible. However, you have to keep in mind that you can only pack what fits into his or her bedroom.

Clothing and Hygiene Products 

Obviously, when your loved one moves into a Camarillo retirement home, you’ll need to pack clothing and personal hygiene products, including but not limited to soap, shampoo, hairbrush, toothbrush, and toothpaste, Before you decide on clothing, you should know how much closet and dresser space your loved one will have.


Beds, chairs, and dressers are fine to bring to the care home of your choosing. However, you must think about space when choosing what you want to bring. The home of your choosing will show you the room before you move your loved one in, and you may want to ask for dimensions, so you can plan accordingly.

Crafting, Puzzles, Books, and Other Hobbies 

While you’ll more than likely find a residence that offers activities to keep your loved one busy, your loved one will have plenty of time to partake in activities that he or she enjoys. You should bring your loved one any puzzles, knitting needles, books, or any other hobby he or she has. This will help to keep your loved one occupied. Plus, it helps him or her feel comfortable.

Television or Radio 

If your loved one enjoys watching the nightly news in his or her bedroom, he or she can still do so. You may bring in a television for your loved one. You may also bring in a radio. Make sure you take into consideration the size of the room when you’re deciding on a television to bring. A member of our staff will help you secure the television accordingly.

Pictures and Other Sentimental Items

You want your loved one to feel as comfortable as possible. This helps smooth the transition as much as possible. Reminders of family and happy times can calm your loved one while they also give the staff something to refer your loved one to when your loved one is upset.


If you have your loved one’s medications, you may bring them as long as they’re in the original prescription bottle and they’re clearly labeled. Remember to bring your loved one’s dentures, hearing aid, and walker, even if your loved one doesn’t use his or her walker all the time.

All these items are acceptable things to bring. You want to make sure you bring enough to keep your loved one content. However, you still have to think about space.