Addiction treatment programs don’t have to be overwhelming and stressful for patients. The pressure of understanding that they have an addiction and have a long road ahead of them is a lot to manage. Rehab shouldn’t make it far more difficult to recover. Reviewing why a science-based rehab program is better shows the individuals why it can be the best choice.

Patients aren’t expected to follow a Religion

Science-based rehab doesn’t require the patients to follow a religion to find recovery. The rehab program is based on the biological changes caused by the addiction. Neuropathways are altered as the individual uses the preferred substance. The changes increase the release of dopamine and serotonin into the body at a higher than average rate. The increase makes the body dependent on the controlled substance or alcohol. When the individual stops using, the body has a negative reaction, and the patient goes through withdrawal symptoms that can become severe.

They Live Independently

In rehab, the patients live independently and have a private bedroom where they can rest and relax at any time. The patients are free to come and go as they please and won’t have to worry about lockdowns. The program encourages patients to become more independent and seek a life with purpose. Each of the patients completes the steps of the program and determine what they want to do with their life as they recover. This could give them a chance to focus on a new career and what they need to do to get started. Individuals who want to learn more about a rehab center contact a counselor for more details now.

The Patient Chooses Their Care Plan

The counselors work with the patient and determine what care plan is best for the patient. Typically, all patients start a diet and exercise plan to get them in shape and increase the release of dopamine and serotonin. The type of exercise that is best for the patient depends on several health-related factors. For instance, the patient must undergo a complete health assessment to determine their current health status. The plan won’t include high impact exercise for anyone who has existing cardiovascular disease. The purpose of the plans is to improve their health not to cause an injury.

They Have the Freedom to Grow

Patients in the facility have the freedom to grow and expand their horizons. They can visit anywhere in the local area whenever they choose. Getting out and exploring the new area helps the individuals get the most out of their experience. The area gives them the opportunity to go swimming and enjoying water sports. It is a great idea to get out and get fresh air and continue to live independently.

Addiction treatment programs don’t have to present religious principles to help patients end their addiction. It must address biological responses to the preferred substance. The patients must complete the steps, but they continue to live independently and don’t feel like they are imprisoned. Individuals who want to review a new approach schedule an appointment with a counselor now.