Dental Bridge: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

You might lose teeth due to trauma, gum disease, or tooth decay, but it is not an end to your perfect smile. Encino crowns & bridges specialists can help you replace the lost teeth to restore your smile. But getting tooth bridges or dental crowns can be a daunting experience, and you should understand every step you have to take to make the process more straightforward. If you are anxious, adequately preparing will alleviate some of your fears and improve your comfort throughout the process. Here is what you can expect when considering dental crowns and bridges.

Make an Initial Consultation

If you think you need a dental crown or a bridge to replace your lost teeth, you ought to consult your dentist first. There are several other teeth replacement options, and you want to ensure you are choosing the most suitable for you. Therefore, book a consultation appointment with your dentist and evaluate your needs, ailment, and fears to ensure dental crowns and bridges are the right choices for you. Your provider should take you through the pros and cons of every alternative and only consider using a dental crown or bridge as the best option. Remember to tell your provider about your oral health history and your overall wellbeing and talk about any medications you are taking.

Research Dental Crowns and Bridges

If your dentist agrees that dental crowns and bridges are the alternatives for your lost teeth, it is crucial to research the treatment to know what you can expect. Explore more on what dental crowns are and how they work. Research also what dental bridges are and how they can replace lost teeth. Research on how every alternative is carried out and the benefits you gain over other teeth replacement options.

Get Ready for an Initial Check-Up

Your initial consultation will involve your provider evaluating your jaw and teeth to assess how fit you can get either from crowns or bridges. Your provider might recommend a root canal as your next step to ready your jawbone and teeth to insert a crown or a bridge. Additionally, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth to prepare the handmade bridges or crowns to be made from.

Commit to the Long Haul

You might have noticed that getting a dental crown or bridge can be a long process involving several appointments. Therefore, prepare to commit yourself to the entire process as you will be in and out of your dentist’s office several times. Also, your provider might have to make a temporary crown for about two weeks to prepare you for the actual crown. Ensure you do not miss any appointments and you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully between the appointments.

Take Medications as Guided

Depending on how anxious you are, your dentist might prescribe some medications before different appointments, like going for a root canal surgery. Ensure you take your medications right, as any mistake could compromise the entire process. Also, consult your provider about any over-the-counter drugs you might consider using to improve your experience.

Crowns and bridges are oral prosthetics that can restore your smile quickly and conveniently. Reach out to Sargon Dental to learn which teeth replacement option can benefit you the most. Book a consultation appointment and ask any relevant questions to help you understand them better.