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When an individual uses cocaine, the effects on the body and a variety of its organs will begin almost immediately. This is producing the ‘high’ which those who take the drug seek. The signs that you are overdosing on the drug is similar to the signs of use but more severe. This makes cocaine overdoses very difficult to spot, leading to dangerous situations. 

If you feel you are taking cocaine very often, and need to take more to feel the desired effects, you may be becoming addicted. Cocaine is a very addictive substance and has unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. You need detox followed by rehab to stay off cocaine for good. 

What are the physical symptoms of cocaine addiction?

  • High blood pressure – cocaine is a stimulant drug, meaning it affects our nervous system and increases our heart rate. This puts our cardiovascular system under a lot of pressure. It has caused heart attacks in some, with the risk of this growing each time they use cocaine as more strain is put on the heart.

  • The high blood pressure and quickening heart rate can also make the heart rate irregular. Having your heartbeat out of sync can cause dangerous effects.

  • Chest pain – many who have an overdose of cocaine feel chest pain. This can be from a number of reasons and can indicate serious issues.

  • An increase in body temperature – the stimulant properties of cocaine increase the bodies functions leading to an increase in heat generated.

  • Dilated pupils – this is common in someone who has used cocaine, and someone who has overdosed from cocaine. The pupils become very large and the iris will appear smaller. This is often called ‘cocaine eyes’.

  • Difficulty breathing and increased respiration – caused by the increased heart rate.

  • Seizures – these can be triggered in a few ways from taking cocaine. One way is the cocaine can exacerbate a pre-existing disorder such as epilepsy.

  • Sweating – as the body tries to regulate its temperature it may sweat. 

What are the behavioural signs of a cocaine overdose? 

Cocaine overdose can produce a number of symptoms which affect someone’s behaviour too. This includes; disconnecting with reality, feeling confused, panicking, paranoia, and becoming agitated. 

The physical effects of a cocaine overdose are all caused by how it affects the nervous system and brain. 

If you are worried that yourself or someone you love is experiencing a cocaine overdose, then the best step is to call an ambulance immediately. You will not be reported to the police, you will only be helped. Also, if you believe a loved one is addicted, you should address the issue and advise them on the best steps to take.