You don’t need to be an expert to use an electric hair trimmer, especially when you pick a product that has been carefully created to remove hair from tricky body parts. With such a specifically designed product, there is no fear of nicks and cuts either. They are able to work smoothly on your bikini line, underarms and face, ensuring smooth skin. Also, the risk of bumps, inflammation and irritation is minimal.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer : Shaving Tips - YouTube

However, using electric appliances requires you to know the techniques. There is a lot more to body hair removal than simply swiping the trimmer across your skin. In fact, the right knowledge can help you stay safe. Plus, you will look good without having to spend much time or money at salons. So, here are some useful tips to ensure a perfect trim without any mishaps.

Don’t Use on Dry Skin

Make sure your skin is slightly moist before using a trimmer. Dry shaving can lead to skin discomfort, like burns and in-grown hair. Also, you might end up bleeding in certain areas, which can lead to infections. Experts always recommended using lotions or exfoliating well beforehand to ensure a safe glide. However, do not use seawater, cleanser or hot water.

Have a Firm Grip
Pick the most comfortable grip for yourself. This will keep the bikini line trimmer from slipping and offer efficiency and comfort. Plus, it also saves you from sudden cuts. In fact, a good hold lets you finish the job much faster and more smoothly. Therefore, make sure you are not clumsy with the product and are able use it properly for a seamless experience.

Choose a Good Brand

Be it an eyebrow or bikini trimmer, shop from a reputable brand only. Pick one that offers useful accessories, such as a cleaning brush, storage pouch and the necessary attachments. This will ensure safe usage, without having to worry about side effects. Also, use dedicated tools for shaping and styling for optimal results.

Check for Damage

Before using an electric hair trimmer, take a close look. Avoid the product if you see any damage on the inside or outside of the blades. This is important, since broken or defective products can prove extremely harmful. Also, examine the comb accessories and other tools to ensure complete safety.

Change the Heads

The best trimmers will not lose their edge and become dull within a short time. However, if you are using a product that comes with precision heads, consider replacing them regularly. Changing the attachments can help avoid rough glides. However, it completely depends on the thickness of hair or how coarse they are. But on average, get a new one every 12-18 months to ensure smooth performance.

Before putting a product to your skin, read the instructions on how to use an eyebrow trimmer. This is can save you from unsatisfactory results. Also, make sure not to soak it in water, even if it is waterproof. Plus, avoid bringing them close to heating devices or fire to avoid internal damage.