You may also request your healer to increase your consultation from 60 mins to ninety mins or longer. We might strive our exceptional to house any extrude or extension of spa consultation. The healer will verify this after checking with the spa engagement manager, for which your provider is probably interrupted for a couple of minutes.

How do I pay for my spa consultation?

You can position the spa invoice at the tab together along with your room invoice, and it can be settled at the time of checkout. You also can pay via way of means of coins or cards right away after your spa consultation. You are probably required to make this price at the lodge reception desk.

Can I get hypersensitivity after the spa consultation?

Tattva spa presents offerings withinside the maximum hygienic surroundings the usage of secure and natural merchandise. Kindly deliver information about any fitness situations, allergic reactions, or accidents, which might have an effect on your remedy whilst making your Spa reservation.

In the uncommon case of having an allergic pore and skin response after a spa consultation, we request you to touch the closest to be had physician right away and write to us at with the information of your situation.

Healer’s rights and duties

Tattva Spa employs and trains specialists to offer unequaled spa offerings to visitors. We count on the visitors to appreciate the healers’ career and modesty. Tattva Spa takes severe motion in opposition to visitors who would possibly make beside-the-point remarks, sexually harass, try and molest or try and provide cash in opposition to sexual favors to the healers.

In case of such an untoward incident, Tattva Spa might right away terminate the provider, price the entire price and file the problem to the lodge and the applicable criminal authorities. For know more about it you can visit on

What must I count on throughout my first rubdown remedy go?

You may be required to fill out a Client Intake Form and signal a HIPAA Acknowledgment shape. Afterward, the therapist will start via way of means of asking you trendy questions to set up what regions you would like labored on, if any situations want to be addressed, and decide if rubdown is suitable for you.

Your rubdown therapist may also carry out sure tests and try out to assess your situation. It is critical to list all fitness issues and medicinal drugs so the therapist can adapt the consultation to your precise wishes without doing any damage. It is likewise critical to list any allergic reactions so the therapist is conscious if he/she wishes to apply a unique oil or lotion throughout the consultation.