5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Neck Lift | Dr. Binder

A neck lift, or medically known as a platysmaplasty, is a standard cosmetic procedure that involves getting rid of any excess fat or skin under the chin-neck areas and tightening the skin in said area. 

This procedure can help eliminate saggy skin due to aging or potential double chins and help get a toned look and enhance the neckline. It helps restore the rejuvenated, youthful look.

You can consult a Scottsdale neck lift specialist to help determine if you qualify for one. Here are a few signs that could indicate the need for a neck lift:

  • Formation of double chins: Double chin is the visible accumulation of fat under the chin due to weight gain, but it can also be due to aging and genetic makeup. Neck liposuction may be performed to remove this fat deposit, followed by a neck lift to help tone the neckline by removing the excess skin.
  • Poor jawline visibility: A strong jawline is often viewed as a desirable trait. As one continuously age, skin starts to sag, creating the impression of jowls. A neck lift after a facelift can help tighten the skin around the jawline, thereby correcting the jawline.
  • Wrinkles and other signs of aging: With sun exposure and collagen breakdown over time, the skin begins to sag. A neck lift can remove this sagging skin and tone the skin.
  • Turkey neck: With age and gravity, skin tends to move downwards due to a lack of elasticity in the skin. Tightening the skin by trimming off the excess via a neck lift will do the trick. 
  • Vertical bands: As the fat barrier between the skin and muscle around the neck decreases with age, it gives a thick rubber band-like appearance near the neck. This effect can be handled with a neck lift.

A non-invasive procedure like a neck lift can help rectify the signs of getting one or multiple signs.

What are the benefits?

The perks of a neck lift procedure are:

  • The surgery is less invasive as the incision is made near the hairline or behind the ear; this makes the scarring discrete.
  • If diet and exercise cannot deal with this problem, neck lift surgery can be your solution.
  • The recovery time after the procedure is up to a week maximum.
  • A younger-looking neck gives a refreshed and rejuvenated look.
  • All excess skin that is sagging is removed, which can leave a flattering look.
  • If the look of your neck makes you feel inferior, a neck lift can help with your self-confidence.