Debunking the common myths about therapy and counseling!

Mental health awareness is on the rise. Yet, there are people, who are hesitant in seeking help. The problem is the persistent negativity around therapy and counseling. People ignore common symptoms, often because they fear being judged. If you are in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, check for options like Improving Lives Counseling Services, which have helped thousands of people. In this post, we are debunking common myths about counseling. 

  1. Myth – You have to be crazy to go for counseling

You don’t need to consider counseling for just serious mental health concerns. Every individual, at some point, will not be ready to handle the hardships of life. Some can manage on their own, while others don’t mind seeking support from professionals. Counseling is often about seeking clarity, and you don’t have to be crazy for that. 

  1. Myth – You will be dependent on drugs

The good news is most therapists want patients to stay off medications. Talk therapy and other mindfulness exercises are usually preferred. Only when a counselor believes that the patient needs to see a psychiatrist, they will recommend the same. If you have been recommended medications by a psychiatrist, the eventual goal is to live a life, without depending on drugs. 

  1. Myth – Therapists are just there to nod

While counselors and therapists are expected to be good at listening, they don’t merely nod to patients. Counselors interact actively with their patients, and some classes are just about talking. Your counselor may ask questions and insist on listening to things that you are not comfortable with. Your friends and family may help, but your counselor can offer a completely new perspective. 

  1. Myth – counseling takes forever

That’s another myth that people believe. Therapy and counseling goals may vary for each patient, but most people don’t need more than 15 sessions at the max. Your counselor will want you to live your life independently, as soon as possible. 

  1. Myth – People will know about your counseling 

If you don’t want people to know about your counselor, nothing will go out of the room, unless you share. Counselors ensure privacy of their patients, and even if you are visiting a therapist on someone’s recommendation, that ‘someone’ will know nothing. You can be discreet and personal with counseling sessions.

Another common myth is the price of counseling. Yes, therapists can charge a good amount for each session, but eventually, when your mental state is better, you will not mind paying that money.