How Does Laser Body Contouring Work? This is What You Need to Know

Some body types are frustratingly stubborn. If you have tried to cut off the fats without achieving the desired results, it is about time you consider Memphis body contouring. The non-invasive no downtime treatment offers you the opportunity of reaching your body goal. It is a laser-based treatment that permanently destroys fat cells. It eliminates fat even in the most stubborn of areas. It is ideal when you are generally healthy, at a stubborn weight, and are having problems in some areas where fats will not go away. It eliminates fats from:

·       The back.

·       Thighs.

·       Abdomen.

·       Under the chin area.

·       Upper arms.

·       Buttocks.

How Body Contouring Works

It involves the use of FDA cleared body contouring treatment known as Warm Sculpting. During the treatment, the device is placed over the area, which sends laser energy through the skin into the fat cells below. Cooling is applied to your skin to keep you comfortable. The laser energy heats your fat cells, completely destroying them.

The treatment takes around 25minutes. Your destroyed fat cells are processed out of your body weeks after the treatment. This treatment has no side effects.

Benefits of Body Contouring

Some of the benefits associated with body contouring include:

·   It is a non-invasive way to reduce your fats.

·   It restores firmness to your skin.

·   It reduces the visibility of cellulite.

·   It eliminates stubborn fats in your body.

·   It also targets fine lines and wrinkles.

·   It is very effective.

·   It is painless and consumes little time.

·   It does not have a side effect.

Who Needs Body Contouring

Body Contouring is a beauty treatment and not a weight loss treatment, although some weight is lost through the process. This allows you to reform and reshape your body. It is recommended for people who are active, healthy, fit, and are committed to a health program but they are experiencing some stubborn pockets of fats.

How Many Body Contouring Treatments Do You Need?

This all depends on how your body will respond to the treatment and other individual factors. It can take up to eight sessions to achieve desired results.

Types of Body Contouring

Non-surgical body contouring, also known as lipolysis, are several methods which include:

·       Injection lipolysis involves putting deoxycholic acid into the body to target your fat cells.

·       Laser lipolysis which uses a laser to destroy fat cells.

·       Cryolipolysis which uses cold temperatures to destroy fat cells.

·       Radiofrequency lipolysis uses heat and ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells.

There are also options for surgical body contouring; these are:

·       Liposuction- Which suctions out fat deposits.

·       Lifts and tacks- Is a surgical procedure used to remove extra skin and excess fats.

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