Different types of lucky charms for motivation

14 Lucky Charms to Attract Good Luck

Lucky charms and talismans have been a common part of many cultures, religions and beliefs. They are adorned by a large number of people in the world for tackling the problems that are beyond their level of control. Certainly, these talismans work to the best of their ability. Over the years, they have also become a symbol of fashion and style and can easily be bought online if you click here. However, there are certain common lucky charms that have kept people motivated since a long time. Here are some of them.


These are one of the highly believed and commonly trusted talismans across various religions that are not even most remotely connected anyhow. There are different legends that surround these items. Some of them say that being made of iron enhances its potency for fighting the evil; some determine that the iron tends to attract good fortune. It is even believed that horseshoe keeps the evil at bay from households and families and thus keeps the members motivated and inspired for life.

Lucky dices

Dice is a common tool for many games that are based on chances. These are bought as a lucky charm by many believers. Now, these dices have been oriented into fuzzy designs, where they are hung in cars and in rooms to make things and situations favorable. They are quite a recent invention in this field but they do certainly make a difference based upon the strength of the user’s believes.

Number Eight

The number eight has been associated with heavenly and mystical things in the east. It is said to have a connection with heaven and the land of gods as a vertical symbol of the infinite. No wonder it is one of the most found shapes for amulets in many cultures and homes.