Everything to know about bone grafting for dental implants

Do you require dental implants, but you have a small jaw bone? Worry no more as Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay – Silicon Valley provides most Monterey bone grafting to enable you to get those implants. A dental bone graft replaces missing bones in your jaw with grafting material to encourage regeneration. Bone graft enables the natural bone as it grows to absorb the graft material and to provide a fully integrated bone region.

Outlined below is everything you ought to know about bone grafting.

Types of bone graft materials

The following graft materials are used for dental bone implants;

Autograft: The bone tissues obtained from your bone, such as chin, hip, and shin, are used

Allografts: Comes from a human donor, especially cadaver bone, that has undergone treatment to neutralize immune reactions and is free of host diseases.

Xenografts: Uses an inorganic form of animal bones.

Alloplastic: Are created from hydroxyapatite.

Ceramic-based grafts: Some are made from ceramic and others with other materials such as calcium and bioactive glass.

Reasons for dental graft

If you wish to have dental implants and your jaw density is not enough, a bone graft can be a solution. The following are reasons why you need a dental bone graft.

If you have gum diseases

Suffering from osteoporosis

Have gingivitis and cancer

Traumatic facial injury

Bone graft technique

The following are techniques used in bone grafting;

Socket graft: Your old tool is extracted, and then graft materials are added to prevent further bone loss. It assists the healing process and preserves the surrounding bones and tissues.

Block graft: If you have a gap left after extraction and bone loss, then a block graft is the solution for you. Block graft, therefore, involves creating a block of bone to be implanted and is usually shaped to fit the gap in your jawbone.

Sinus lift: It helps elevate the sinus floor to create more space for the bone graft to be inserted. Results in a strong base for the implantation for you to regain that beautiful and bright smile once again


Before bone graft, your periodontist will discuss with you the treatment plan and determine the bone graft material to be used. The following are steps to expect during bone graft:

Anesthesia: Your physician uses local anesthesia to numb the area to numb the surgical site and IV sedation if the tissue is sourced from your body and if you experience dental anxiety.

Extraction and bone sourcing: The autographs are first sourced from another from the chosen location, and the bone is grafted.

Graft insertion: The area is cleaned; the incision is then made and the bone material attached.

Stitching: After the graft material is inserted, the place is then sutured

Recovery: After the procedure, you may need someone to drive you back home because of the anesthesia used, and following the after-recovery instruction accelerates the healing process.

Consult your periodontist today

Having a bone graft to support your dental implants is your future investment for your health and overall appearance. Who does not need a bright smile and well-shaped teeth? Book an appointment with Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay – Silicon Valley, in California, and get a bone graft for those implants once and for all.