Zantac is a popular medication that is available over the counter and by prescription. It is used by people suffering from heartburn, acid reflux, throat and gastrointestinal issues. Recently, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found out that Zantac contains NDMA up to 3000 times more than the recommended levels. It recalled all Zantac products from the market stating that the NDMA can increase over time and can be very dangerous for humans when stored at high temperature. With many people now diagnosed with cancer after taking Zantac, some are taking help of lawsuits to hold such companies accountable.

How to Know That You Have Zantac Cancer Claim?

You might have done your research already and found out that the answer is quite complicated than it sounds, and thus here is a guide to break it in parts –

  • Confirm about Zantac consumption

You need to confirm that you took any Zantac at all. If you took prescription Zantac, the evidence can be easily collected by asking your pharmacy records. Proving over-the-counter purchase can be difficult. If you have receipts, medical records notes or statements from your friends and family that you did use Zantac regularly, then it can be used as evidence in court. Health saving accounts, reimbursement accounts and affidavits can also help with a Zantac lawsuit. Shouse Law Group is a law firm that helps victims who have suffered injuries due to unsafe drugs get a fair claim for the expenses and suffering caused to them by big drug makers. If you know someone who is diagnosed with cancer after consuming Zantac, consider contacting an attorney who handles these types of cases. 

  • Confirm that you used Zantac regularly

Now, you need to confirm that you have regularly used Zantac. The case often depends on the frequency of usage and dosage consumed regularly. You need to have evidence to show that you took Zantac regularly atleast once a day for minimum of three months. However, there are no hard and fast rules and depends on the litigation and claim requirements.

  • Confirm related injuries

In order to claim, you need to look for possible injuries that can be attributed to Zantac use. All cancers are not caused by Zantac and hence are not part of your claim. For instance, a smoker might get lung cancer even without Zantac use. Since it’s not yet completely clear, which type of drug can be a long-term side effect of use, it’s best to have visible claim of what science is telling us. Diagnosis of cancer of digestive tract (liver, bladder, small intestine, stomach) or blood cancer (leukemia, multiple myeloma or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) can be associated with Zantac’s usage. 

  • Confirm latency period

You will not be able to claim that you took Zantac one day and developed cancer next day. There needs to be a latency period between when you first started taking the drug to when you first developed the injuries. It can differ for each type of cancer. 


Now, that you have all the required evidence, make sure you connect with a law firm that specializes in Zantac litigation.