Electronic cigarette is nothing but an electronic device consisting of an atomizer, an authoritative source of battery, and a tank inside it—the tank or cartridge filled with liquid which is called E-juice. Juul, Australia, is one of the great vaping devices or electronic cigarettes. The battery in the Juul helps to deliver nicotine in the form of vapor through these devices.

Juul Australia (Vaping device) is less harmful than smoking a regular cigarette. However, it’s not that safe as this E-cigarettes heat nicotine, which is extracted from tobacco, contains artificial flavors & some other type of chemicals to create an aerosol. Inhaling these chemicals & flavors is harmful somehow for any of the human body, but less harmful than a standard cigarette as a regular cigarette contains approximately 7000 chemicals & many of them are toxic ones.

Some crucial facts about E-cigarettes –

Juul Australia or Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes, vape pen Australia, and other vaping devices) are more reliable than smoking a regular cigarette.

  • As I have mentioned earlier, certain toxic chemicals such as nicotine extracted from tobacco &tetrahydrocannabinol make an E-cigarette harmful. So it’s preferable or suggested by most of the people not to use tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contains E-cigarette or vaping products. It is not a beneficial idea to obtain vaping products through informal sources like friends, family, or online dealers. It is Suggestable not to modify or add any other substance to Juul pods Australia devices, which is not intended by the manufacturer.
  • E-cigarettes are considered as Addictive as traditional ones – Same as a regular cigarette, E cigarette has also become addictive as heroin or cocaine. To get a greater hit of nicotine substance, smokers can buy extra strength cartridge, which has a higher concentration of nicotine.
  • The new generation is getting hooked to Nicotine faster through Vape Pen – E-Cigarette is becoming more popular among youngsters than traditional tobacco products. Reason for increasing its demand is due to
    1. E-cigarettes have lower per-user costs than traditional ones.
    2. Teenagers believe that smoking through vaping devices is less harmful than smoking a regular cigarette.
    3. The use of different flavors in E-cigarette increases youngster’s craze towards it.
  • The E-Cigarette is not the best smoking cessation tool – E-Cigarette has not received any food or drug administrative approval as smoking cessation devices. People usually think or intend to use E-cigarette to kick off or remove the nicotine habit of having a traditional or regular cigarette.
  • Vaping &E-cigarette is considered bad for your heart & lungs. As per recent research, nicotine is the primary agent in both regular & E-cigarette, which is highly addictive & toxic. It raises the blood pressure & spikes your adrenaline, which leads to an increase in heart rate & results in a severe heart attack.

No doubt that everything which is taken in limit is good for health, if you cross the consumption volume then it will affect your body. Like Zippo, it will also affect your overall health.

Conclusion –

Your health is in your own hands. Anyone can quit smoking & its one of the best things anyone can do — smoking harms every organ in your body, including your heart. Similarly, people need to understand that Juul Australia or E-Cigarettes are also potentially dangerous or harmful to your health.