Healthy Eating – The Best And Worst Vegetables To Include In Your Diet Plan

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Vegetables are meant to help you lose weight; that’s why they always feature in diet plans. It’s easy to see the different potato varieties, spinach, lettuce, and many other vegetables in various diet plans. The reason why vegetables are popular with dieters is that they are low in calories. Most of them also come with fiber which helps reduce hunger hormones and leave you feeling full for a while. While vegetables are a great idea, some are even better than others. Below are the best and worst vegetables to include in your diet plan. Knowing the difference will help promote healthy eating while you’re on a diet.  


An excellent choice of vegetable to include in your diet plan is spinach. It has many varying benefits, one of which is its low-calorie feature. It also provides many nutrients and can be used for various reasons in different recipes. Spinach is one of the powerhouse vegetables known and can help you reduce the risk of chronic disease. If you’re at strong risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, or even heart disease, you should increase your spinach intake. You could eat it as a side dish or choose to make it part of your main dish.


This vegetable is also an excellent choice to add to your diet. It is also rich in nutrients, but most people favor it because of its versatility. Broccoli is also rich in fiber, keeping you feeling full for a very long time after eating. You can choose to roast the broccoli or as a side dish on your meal. It is a healthy choice for your diet.

Sweet Potato

Another good choice of vegetable to add to your diet is sweet potato. It is one of the potato varieties that is rich in macronutrients and can aid in weight loss. It also offers you a sweet flavor that can go well with different foods like black beans, kale, and many more. The best part about the different potato varieties is their versatility, and sweet potato is no exception; you can roast, boil, bake, cook or make a salad out of it.

Worst Vegetables to Add To Your Diet

Now that you’re aware of the best vegetables you can add to your diet to get results, below are the vegetables to avoid.

Starchy Vegetables 

Vegetables like yam, peas, corn, squash, and even pumpkin shouldn’t feature in your diet plan. These choices are usually low in vitamins and minerals and offer less fiber. Most of the time, they contain twice the calorie per serving that other vegetables do.

Canned Vegetables

You should avoid canned vegetables in your diet plan because they usually offer less fiber and nutrients. That’s not where it ends; they are also loaded with sodium to make it last longer. If you consume more canned vegetables, you will have a decreased nutritional quality. Instead of canned vegetables, you should opt for frozen instead because they’re still just as healthy as fresh vegetables.