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There are various options to choose from in order to fix crooked teeth. Some people get braces or retainers. These days, more and more people are trying Invisalign to get their teeth straightened and their jaw lined up properly. Invisalign is now a common technology that is used among millions of patients all over the world, including places like dentist Reston, VA. If you just had Invisalign and are not sure about how they fit, read on for some helpful tips.

Before we delve into the fit of your Invisalign, let us recap on what it is and how it works. Invisalign is basically a clear mold or cast made from plastic where you insert your teeth. You can use this for both your upper and lower teeth. By wearing them, these molds are designed to straighten your teeth over time so you can have perfectly lined teeth and a great smile.

Dentist Reston, VA makes your Invisalign by taking a 3D model of your mouth. This way, your Invisalign fits exactly with the features of your teeth and gums and provides you with the remedy that you need.

How is it supposed to fit?

Let us say you just came home with your brand new Invisalign and you are unsure of how it is supposed to fit inside your mouth. Dentist Reston, VA advises patients to feel their Invisalign and make sure that they do not feel any gaps between the device and their teeth. Make sure that the plastic trays have a nice snug fit and that there are no big gaps in your mouth. The idea is that the Invisalign trays have a nice and close fit.

What Should You Do If Your Invisalign Does Not Fit

There is no need to panic if your Invisalign does not fit perfectly during the first few days. However, patients do need to remember to wear their Invisalign religiously.

Wear them all the time – 22 hours per day is the recommended amount of time for the Invisalign to track your teeth properly, so do not forget to put them on and do not remove them unless absolutely necessary.

Do not forget your chewies – When you get fitted for Invisalign, your dentist will send you home with chewies. They are small objects similar to tiny pool noodles that are actually part of the treatment procedure. After putting the tray in your mouth, you should take a chewie and lightly chew on them for around three to five minutes. This easy activity actually helps to get you a better fit and help you get accustomed to wearing your Invisalign.

Do an inspection – If you have been wearing your Invisalign for quite some time and still have not experienced any changes in discomfort or incorrect fit, it’s also a good idea to take them out and give them a once over to make sure they are not damaged or broken. People who tend to grind their teeth can cause them to break. This is also why you should have a special case for your Invisalign so it does not get nicked or warped in your bag.

Call your dentist – If all else fails, do not be shy to talk to your dentist so they can take another look at your teeth. Adjustments to patient treatment plans happen all the time, so it’s all good. Dentists know that sometimes, multiple sessions are needed to find the best fit for you.
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