Electronic Field Trip to the Dentist

Often, lack of knowledge makes you nurture certain misconceptions like a light yellowish tooth is the effect fo discoloration. In reality, the dentists suggest that a healthy tooth can have any color ranging between light yellow to light grey. The exact color of your tooth will depend on the color of the enamel and the dentin, which lies underneath. The natural color of dentine is yellow, while that of enamel is light blue and translucent. The cumulative effect imparts the teeth color. Discoloration can be a minor cosmetic issue in many cases. But in certain cases, it can be a symptom of oral problems.

More about discoloration

As you will consult the dentists to know about the causes of discoloration and its treatment, the medical practitioner will first explain the three basic types of discoloration. The aging tooth enamel is a big factor which becomes thin and reveals the yellow dentine. It causes yellowing of teeth. Tobacco use is also a reason for the discoloration. But the issue will be serious only when the disease or deposition of excess fluoride on the internal structure will cause the discoloration. For the other two factors, the dentist will suggest undergoing cosmetic treatments of teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

If you chose to undergo the teeth whitening process, your family dentist in Huntsville must have adequate equipment to execute it. The durability of the whitening effect depends on the execution of the work. But there are also other factors which can destroy the whitening effect. For instance, if you continue to smoke heavily even after the whitening treatment, then the satins will be back soon. It does not mean that the dentists have been negligible in the treatment procedure. You have to maintain the limitations in the food and drink intake, which usually causes the staining of the teeth.