There are a lot of things you can make with your new juicer. You can make nice and delicious smoothies that will satisfy anyone who drinks it. You can also use it to make healthy juices with vegetables and they will still turn out amazing. But there are a lot of stories about what you can do with your juicer and recipes of what kind of juice you can make easily at home. What kind of stories you don’t see a lot of is the finer details in a juicer. Like how to clean one. A lot of stories neglect to mention what to do when you are trying to clean your juicer.

Cleaning your juicer is a necessary step in the juice making process but everything needs to be washed in different ways and you aren’t sure if there is a certain type of soap to use or if you should even use soap at all. Don’t worry, I will walk you through how to clean Hurom juicer and make it nice and new again so you can get back to making those juices that you, and everyone else, love so much.

First step on how to clean Hurom juicer is to make sure you get everything out of your juicer. Pour out whatever is left in your juicer after making a drink into the sink, or a cup if you plan on drinking it later, and and make sure that it is empty and free of any chunks of vegetables or fruits that might be stuck in there. Now to rinse it, you want to pour in some warm water into the hopper with your juice cap closed and turn it on so that way the brushes can clean off the sides of your machine.

Once you have done that, open up the juice cap so that the water can flow out of the machine. You can do this multiple times until you feel all of the grime is off and out of your machine and your juice cap. Once you feel confident in the cleanliness of the machine, you should dismantle it and start cleaning each part individually. If you don’t already own a cleaning brush or a bottle brush, you should consider investing the money into getting one as the juice cap might be a bit more difficult to clean otherwise.

After you clean every individual part of the machine, you can put it all back together and just like that, you have a brand new juicer again. To avoid a lot of hard cleaning on the machine, it is best to always clean it as soon as you are done juicing. Or at least as soon as you possibly can after you juice something, because otherwise you will have a lot of liquid stuck to the sides of your juicer and it will be hard to get off. Or you might end up with a stained juicer if the liquid is a strong staining color.

But as long as you stay on top of the cleaning schedule and not let the juicer sit for hours or even days without being cleaned, you should be fine and your juicer should stay nice and fresh. If in the event you make a juice and don’t feel like cleaning it right away, you can always have it soaking with some warm water so that way whatever kind of juice you made does not stick and will make it easier to clean whenever you are ready.