How To Make Healthy School Tiffins For Children | Fitterfly Knowledge Center

Over the recent years, many state boards and CBSE have placed restrictions on the using fast foods in tiffins to encourage the inclusion of healthy tiffin recipes for schools. This measure has been taken over the increasing cases of obesity, diabetes and the lack of basic nutrients in children. Given the convenience involved in preparing junk food which involves little to no time in preparation, millennial parents usually pack stuff such as Maggi, burger, or pasta in tiffins amidst the morning rush. It is important to know why junk food should be avoided in tiffin boxes. Here are the prime reasons:

  1. Quick adaptability to junk food:

Children have sharp taste buds; thus, they acquire a strong affinity for food items that look appetizing and delicious. The nervous system has a major role to play in this. Once they get adapted to the occasional consumption of junk food, it will be difficult to eradicate that habit. It is henceforth necessary to cut down junk by avoiding them in putting in tiffins.

  1. Health complications and diseases:

It is known to everyone that one of the major causes of obesity and heart ailments in children is the excessive intake of junk food. This makes them susceptible to various other diseases, after which they are forced to take heavy drugs at a young age. All of this can be avoided by taking a simple step.

  1. To regulate future lifestyle:

Habits acquired at a young age stay for a long time. If children are used to having junk food every now and then, this will impact their lifestyle in adulthood as well. Thus, to make it simple, parents can easily maintain a balanced diet chart for kids and monitor the diet of their kids.

  1. Bans on junk have been successful:

Many countries, including France, Canada, and Mexico, have already taken action against harmful foods to protect present and future generations from the scourge of health complications.

  1. Innovative healthy food instead of junk

Why resort to junk food when you can experiment with healthy ingredients? There are a lot of quick recipes readily available online which are sure to become your kid’s favourite, while constituting a nutritious diet for him/her.

  1. Cropping up of psychological issues

A prime advantage of avoiding junk food is its impact on the psychological well-being of children. Body-shaming and obsession with ‘visual appeal’ is what bothers many people, particularly from pre-teen and teen years. More the degree of ‘body dissatisfaction’, lesser will be the self-esteem of children. If they develop healthy eating habits and exercise regularly, their body will be athletic and they will be able to focus better on studies and other activities.

Avoiding junk food in tiffin boxes may lead to withdrawal symptoms in children. Many of them might even purchase it from school canteens or shops. What, however, needs to be remembered is that apart from avoiding junk, children should also be enlightened about the pros of avoiding junk; only then will it be effective.