Dr. Mason Mandy is one of the board-certified doctors working at the Metro Vein Center. He has a certification to practice general surgery, and he has been practicing his profession for more than eight years. He completed his training in general surgery back in 2010, and he also received the award as the chief resident of the hospital that he has been working for. When he was staying in Nashville, Tennessee, he opened a general and cosmetic surgery clinic, but he later decided to move to New York City because working at the Metro Vein Center opens more opportunities. Dr. Mason Mandy also loves to help the people who are in need, and he frequently joins medical missions that are helping people from around the world. The most recent trip that he had was in Ivory Coast, where he engaged in providing services to the people who need medical attention.


For Dr. Mason Mandy, surgery has become his lifetime passion. He loves seeing his patients’ condition improving after performing the required operation on their veins, and the life-changing situation inspired him to do better. He can perform the operation perfectly without the patient feeling any pain. He is proud to say that through his skills in providing surgery, the lives of his patients are changing. He is currently based in Metro Vein Center facilities in Forest Hills and The Bronx in New York, and he is encouraging anyone who has problems with their veins to visit his vein center for an evaluation.


One of the most common vein conditions that Dr. Mason Mandy encounters inside his clinic is varicose veins. These bluish patterns that appear on the legs are not actually deadly, but the most severe cases can cause blood clotting. The treatment of varicose veins is applied because the patients wanted to restore how their legs looked. Varicose veins can look intimidating, and it is truly an eyesore. There are many treatment options available at the vein facility, but its price tag is expensive.


For those who wanted to get rid of their varicose veins, Dr. Mason Mandy stated that they should always have a proper diet and exercise to prevent the condition from worsening. He also advised his patients not to stand or sit for a long time, because this is where the problem begins. Our body can only support minimal weight, and when it is abused, the veins on the legs can start to expand. These would result in varicose veins, and when they started to appear, the only way to remove them is through expensive treatment.


Sitting and standing for a long time is being experienced by those who are always traveling, and salespersons who are working inside boutiques and department stores. Dr. Mason Mandy said that these people are the most vulnerable ones when it comes to the development of varicose veins, and they should be cautious about their condition. He said that those who are vulnerable to the condition should always take actions that would allow the blood to circulate freely in the leg area. He advised them that when in a long journey inside a car, train or an airplane, try to do stopovers when driving on land, or walk along the aisle inside the airplane or the train to redistribute the blood flow.


For those who are working inside the malls, Dr. Mason Mandy said that the sales persons should avoid wearing high heels because it can aggravate the condition. He also warned the morbidly obese to start reducing because their heavyweight will put a lot of pressure on the legs, and it will ultimately result in varicose veins.