In recent years, the global business of human hair and its products has soared and is becoming a major industry across the world. The increase in the popularity of using real hair to supplement their own by celebrities has enhanced the use of modern hair transplant techniques among common people. The celebrity culture has popularised hair extensions and everybody desires hair reconstruction for their handsome look even from developing countries.

Hair transplantation, in general, is the shifting of strong and permanent hair grafts from the rear side of the head by the specialized techniques like FUT and FUE to obtain a natural hairline. Much advancement was preceded throughout the evolution of hair transplantation and with the possibilities of the modern developments in medical technology, Alopecia problem is almost curable. With the advancement in the technology in Australia, the hair transplantation procedure has been developed intensely and nowadays highly positive and favourable results are possible with hair transplant in Australia. The modern techniques used for Hair transplant in Australia are:

  • FUT (Follicular unit transplant)
  • FUE (Follicular unit extraction)

FUT or strip technique is the most common technically advanced method used for hair restoration.

In this method,

  • The donor strip is removed from the back and side of the head.
  • This method is ideal for large number of grafts (usually >3500 grafts) and very importantly in the majority of cases, the implantation is completed in one session only.
  • In this method, the aids used are the stereomicroscopes having a magnification of 20X to video-assisted microscopes having the magnification of 200X while dissecting the grafts and separating the hair roots.
  • High coordination and precision in work are extremely important to separate the grafts for obtaining maximum yield. This reduces the transection rate and is highly favourable for giving high density in hair transplant.
  • The time taken in completion of the procedure is usually one day, the strip excision takes one or two hours, while the other steps like dissection of hair grafts, separation of grafts, slit preparation, grafts implantation usually takes 6-8 hours depending on the number of grafts.

FUE or Follicular unit extraction is the technique in which we use micro drill device for extracting the hair grafts from the scalp.

  • There are certain limitations with this technique that we cannot extract more than 2500 grafts in a single session. The reason being in this technique the high number of grafts extraction will result in the reduction of density in donor region and a high number of extractions will reduce the donor region which will ultimately adversely affect the donor region for future sessions of hair restoration surgeries.
  • This technique requires shaving of the head for the donor area. Each graft is harvested singly from the safe zone. This method depends on the number of grafts. Only a fixed number of grafts can physically be done in one session.
  • This technique requires about 10-12 hours for extraction of 2500 or more grafts. Also, the transection rate is high the reason behind calling it a blind technique where no microscope aids are used.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Australia:

The clinics for hair transplant in Australia specialize in various hair restoration techniques like FUT/FUE; all of these techniques are designed to ensure that the patient must enjoy a permanent restoration of the natural hairline. The procedure of hair transplant is although very costly, which depends on the number of grafts required for restoration, donor region, recipient site, the technique used for restoration etc.

Costs and Prices for FUE Hair Transplants

The cost of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction technique) is higher compared to FUT, the costs range $5-$12 per graft.

Costs and Prices for FUT Hair Transplants

The cost of FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant technique) is priced a little lower costing $4-$6 per graft.

Hair transplant in Australia

The surgeons for hair transplant in Australia have all been trained across the world with the best hair transplant surgeons to ensure that they are the most brilliant and skilled surgeons within the hair restorative community. The only major issue is the cost of hair transplant which is much higher compared (almost 75% higher) to the developing countries like India. Recently with the availability of affordable hair transplant, India has burgeoned as one of the leading countries for hair transplant across the world. The surgeons of India have vast knowledge and experience and very importantly owning of their “aesthetic sense”, the most crucial aspect of hair transplant, separate them from the rest part of the world.

All these favorable points make India a unique destination for getting a hair transplant surgery amongst the people in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Dubai and many more.