Restore And Maintain a Beautiful Complexion with Medical-Grade Skin Care in Shreveport, LA

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The skin is the largest body organ and plays a significant role in enhancing our self-esteem. Quality skin care is the best weapon against daily battering from issues like; stress, lack of sleep, dirt, and harmful sunlight. At Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery, Kenneth Sanders, MD provides excellent Shreveport skin care for individuals of all ages to ensure they look their best. Here, you can access a comprehensive range of individualized skincare services that treat your specific problem areas. If you are looking to get a beautiful and glowing complexion, call or book an appointment online today.

Why Do You Require Customized Skin Care?

The skincare guidelines you follow including; the products you use, undertaking specialized services like medical-grade physician-directed skincare, play a significant part in protecting your skin from the effects of aging and time. With aging, your skin begins producing fewer elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, vital substances in keeping our skin younger. This causes your skin to lose resilience, strength, and moisture. When combined with the harmful sunlight effect, the changes wreak havoc on your skin. Dr. Sanders at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery offers skin services that slow down or reverse the damage.

What Should You Expect During Your Appointment?

When you visit an aesthetician at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery, you will begin by undertaking a comprehensive evaluation with the VISIA Skin Analysis System. The devices utilize a special lighting system and color signatures to analyze and record the images of your skin. The analysis will reveal inflammation, sun damage, brown spots, rosacea, spider veins, and bacteria clusters. After the analysis, Dr. Sanders and the team of experienced aestheticians come up with ongoing skin care to ensure your skin feels and looks at its best.

What Are the Available Skin Care Treatments?

There is a wide range of skincare treatments available. These include;

·         Dermaplaning

This is a procedure that uses a specialized planing blade to softly eliminate the top layer of your skin and facial hair. This enhances the texture and tone of your skin leaving less noticeable a softer fine line.

·         HydraFacial

The treatment deep cleans and resurfaces your skin, then gently treats it by infusing products that target and hydrate particular issues. Your physician uses a handheld device to provide the treatment. You just require it to relax comfortably for the thirty-minute treatment.

·         SkinMedica

This involves a comprehensive range of skincare products with scientifically proven ingredients effective in reversing aging signs, maintaining healthy skin, and providing deep hydration. SkinMedica also involves the use of chemical peels for rejuvenating your skin.

·         Laser treatments

Your aesthetician at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery might also opt for laser treatments targeted at different cosmetic problems. Some of the problems treated by laser include; brown spots, spider veins, large pores, sun damage, facial redness, facial wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. The lasers go through the skin tightening and strengthening it by triggering collagen production. Even better, the treatment needs no downtime.

Regardless of your facial aging issues or complexion, medical skin care can help. To learn more about how skin care treatments can help you, call or schedule an appointment online with Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery today!