Why You Should Consider Venaseal Treatment for Varicose Veins

Learn about VenaSeal: The New Nonsurgical Treatment for Varicose Veins:  Dennis E Resetarits, MD: Vascular Surgeon

Varicose and spider veins occur as a result of high blood pressure in the veins. As a result, the valves malfunction leading to vein enlargement and twisting. Varicose veins hence appear as enlarged discolored veins on your skin surface.

Varicose veins may not cause any symptoms; however, they can be an aesthetic concern, affecting your confidence. There are various treatments to address the problem, including Camillus Venaseal™ at Surgical Care East, PLLC. Contact Dennis Resetarits and his team to learn more about this innovative treatment.

What is VenaSeal?

It is an advanced treatment for varicose veins and spider veins. The technique involves using a unique medical-grade adhesive to shut down the veins and enhance a healthy circulation to your legs.

The in-office procedure involves your provider numbing the treatment area, then placing a thin catheter through the skin. Dr. Resetarits administers a small VenaSeal into the damaged vein, allowing the vein to close off permanently.

The VenaSeal treatment causes the veins to break down and disappear. The blood along the closed veins reroutes to the nearby veins, improving your circulation.

What are varicose and spider veins?

Spider veins are minute blood vessels below your skin surface, forming red, purple, or blue spider web-like networks. They indicate that you are likely to develop varicose veins in the future. They are also a cosmetic concern.

Varicose veins are enlarged and discolored veins on your skin. They may bulge from your skin to create twisting or coiling shapes with the following symptoms.

·         Leg pain

·         Burning

·         Itching

·         Tingling

·         Soreness

·         Heaviness

·         Throbbing

·         Fatigue

·         Swollen legs

·         Cramping

·         Restless legs

·         Skin discoloration around the veins

·         Night cramps

When left untreated varicose veins may leak fluid to the surrounding tissues, leading to leg swelling. The skin around the veins may degrade and become weak, forming open sores that are often slow to heal.

VenaSeal treatment lowers the risk of complications related to vein disease, improving your circulation and restoring your legs’ appearance.

Why should you consider VenaSeal treatment for vein disease?

There are various benefits when you choose VenaSeal over other spider and varicose veins treatments.

The procedure requires no downtime, allowing you to resume your physical activity a week after the treatment. You do not require wearing compression stockings, and the treatment is less painful than other vein disease treatments.

Vein disease can occur to anyone despite their age, gender or ethnicity. Though treatable, the condition develops gradually and might lead to severe harm when left untreated.

VenaSeal is among the most effective treatments for vein disease, and it would save you from the risks if you got the treatment immediately. The procedure is non-surgical and does not require heat; hence, it is safe and less painful.

VenaSeal has no dangers unless for the individuals allergic to the adhesive used. Your provider tests the adhesive on your skin before the treatment to ensure you are not allergic.

If varicose veins or spider veins bother you, it’s time you said goodbye to them. Surgical Care East, PLLC offers the modern VenaSeal treatment to restore your appearance and improve circulation. Call them today to learn more about VenaSeal treatment.