Interventions for gender reassignment in the correct language are called gender reassignment surgery. They come into question if a person cannot identify with the given biological gender. If certain requirements are met, measures can be taken from man to woman and vice versa. Transgender operation from man to woman includes penis removal and vagina formation, as well as breast building. Further interventions are possible. Treatment with hormones is also carried out so that some sexual characteristics change.

When Is A Male To Female Sex Change Carried Out

There are far-reaching considerations before a gender reassignment surgery. The measures cannot be undone later. Gender reassignment measures come into consideration if the gender identity does not fit your own body. A person who feels like a woman has to cope with the given body of a man. If the condition has existed for a long time, then the sex change is possible after a thorough examination of the facts.

In this context, there are several names that describe the circumstances. Intersexuality means that no clear gender can be determined based on the physical form. There are female and male characteristics. The people affected are known as hermaphrodites. In contrast, transsexuality means that a person does not feel that they belong to the original gender, but the other gender. Affected people also want to have this lived sex physically. Furthermore, there is the term transgender, which is more general and stands for people who do not accept their gender role or only accept it with great reservations.

Interventions for gender reassignment in the direction from man to a woman are therefore possible for intersex people as well as for trans women (man-to-woman transsexuals).


The gender reassignment surgery consists of procedures that adapt the sex characteristics and organs to the desired gender (in this case, female). Not only the appearance but also the function should be imitated as closely as possible. The genital-adjusting operation itself takes place on the genital organs. Further interventions and methods of treatment serve to adapt certain body characteristics to the target gender. Hormone treatment is used to achieve, among other things, an enlargement of the nipples, a reduction in body hair and to a certain extent, a redistribution of body tissue.