Know the components behind the high performance of novo 2 kit

A combination of long battery life and high performance defines the all new novo 2 kit. The renowned engineers and designers optimized the structure of NOVO 2’s motherboard and its charging port. It has improved the user experience and whole performance. With the powerful 800mAh battery inside the product, you can use them for about 2-3 days continuously. However, it’s important to keep the product fully charged to get an optimized performance. It can provide at least 200 puffs every day. It helps you to each puff worth it.

The details that matter

These smok pods come with a strong air-sensing switch, which has undergone thorough redesigning in the new version. They have placed the sensing element on one side of the inbuilt U-shaped air. It’s right there inside the intake passage, protruding from the inherent electrode plane to impede any occurrence of sudden, contactless or suspended suction. Although the product has a small groove, it helps solve much bigger problems. They have designed Novo 2 with a groove encapsulating its electrode. Resultantly, it generates a condensate during the vaping process. It gets locked temporarily in the groove. You don’t need to worry about the loopholes or flows each time you use it.

About the lead indicator

Novo 2 has a LED light on its main body. You use it when you’re charging or vaping. It displays a green, orange, or red light. If the battery level is below 30%, it shows red. If the level is between 30-70%, it shows orange. If the level crosses the 70% mark, it shows green. According to many different light shades, you can clearly perceive the battery conditions of the device. Novo 2 also comes with an extended warranty timeframe of 12 months.

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