Since the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes has become legal, considerable progress has been made, but the increase in the medical use of this substance has shown that many problems still exist; The urgent need, for example, to produce definitive scientific evidence regarding the actual benefit of the use of cannabis, adverse reactions or interactions with other drugs, the standardization of dosages, the stability-bioavailability of the active ingredients in the various masterly preparations besides the evaluation of the best pharmaceutical form for the treatment of the many diseases for which it is used.

Use of the Cannabis Oil

Among these, cannabis oil is the preferred and therefore most prescribed form. Over the years, various extractive methods have been developed. Depending on the method, even considerable differences in THC and cbd products content can occur, in addition to the loss of some important other active ingredients linked to extraction processes that require, in some cases, high temperatures.

  • To date there is no single extraction procedure, every doctor prescribes the method that he considers most appropriate and the galenic laboratory performs the prescribed preparation. Hence the extreme variability in the quantity of the active ingredients actually present in the finished product, which determines the uncertainty on the actual quantity of active ingredients that the patient assumes. Precisely for this reason, some pharmaceutical forms (oil) must be subjected to mandatory analysis.
  • Through these analyzes, performed for each individual preparation, the actual content of THC and CBD expressed in mg / ml is known. In this way it is possible to guarantee, through a quick calculation, that a patient can always assume the same concentration even from different settings.

Partial Option

While partially obviating the extreme variability of the finished product, caused by the very nature of cannabis, preparatory pharmacists are successfully working on procedures that allow to always have a “standardized” oil that is always with the same concentration of THC and CBD.

The standardization starts naturally from the selection of genetically stable species up to the production techniques by pharmacy laboratories.

The Perfect Hemp Oil Use

Hemp oil is special oil that is extracted from the seeds of the homonymous plant (Cannabis sativa) by squeezing or extracting. It is green with shades ranging from lighter shades to darker shades. Since it is easily perishable, it is advisable to consume it raw to fully enjoy the nutritional value of this oil. To keep its nutritional properties intact, it is best to store it in a cool, dry place, away from sources of light and heat and after opening, store it in the refrigerator. The best quality hemp oils are those cold pressed and unrefined; in the market is also available refined hemp oil, which is lighter in color and more easily preserved, but is much less valuable from a nutritional point of view.