Summer is not the best time for hair. Sunlight, salt water, dry wind can make hair dry, brittle and dull in appearance.

Summer hair care plays a key role in the life of the hair, because in the summer you can permanently damage your hair. The sun dries it, destroying the cuticle once and for all. To keep your hair healthy and shiny, you have to take good care of it.

If you are going to spend the whole day in the sun, get ready to use hair care products. Especially if your strands are damaged.

Before you go on a beach holiday, choose hair care products, taking into account their features. In addition, they do not have to require rinsing and be practical in use. Oils or sprays are ideal for relaxing in the sun. Use them before going to the beach, and you will be able to resist the treacherous sunshine!

Nobody forces you to care for your hair before, during and after a beach holiday. However, professionals strongly recommend such a three-phase care. Care after sun exposure is necessary. You can also use care products before or during your stay in the sun, but in no case do not ignore care after returning from the beach. Such a tool will protect the scalp from ultraviolet rays and from the external aggressive environment, nourishing the hair.

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Relaxing in the sun be careful of products that at first glance seem to be useful for your hair. For example, a tiara-based remedy is very harmful during staying in the sun. It makes hair dry, contributes to its rapid heating in the sun and worsens its condition.

If you do not have hair care products on hand, use nourishing hair products. They are great for strands after sun exposure. You can also choose dry hair care products that will help you to nourish and protect your hair during the hot period in NYC.


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