The Best and Worst Exercises for Back Pain | Everyday Health

Back pain affects many Americans every year, and it is common to endure the condition. It is easy to manage the condition following an accurate diagnosis from Frisco back pain specialists, as you will address the cause. Before you give up and turn to surgery, medical experts recommend you first try conservative and minimally invasive alternatives to see if your pain goes away. Stretching your back is one effective way you can alleviate back pain without surgery. But you have to do it right hence the following guidelines.

Stretch Every Day

Your back may ache due to straining muscles, and stretching the muscles will significantly offer you some relief. To get some relief, you can learn how to do exercises, including the piriformis muscle stretch and knee-to-chest stretch. You will recline down on your back with your knees up and place your right calf over your left thigh for the piriformis stretch. You will then pull the knee towards you until you experience a stretch to your buttocks. For the knee-to-chest stretch, lie on your back, lifting your knee. Then, pull your knee towards your chest and hold for a moment, then release it. For both stretches, you do by alternating your legs.

Do Wall Squats

You can also strengthen your core by doing wall squats. Generally, stand upright against a wall and gradually lower yourself while your back is parallel to the wall until you get into a seated position. You will feel your quads, abdomen, and back start to strengthen, and you can hold for about ten seconds but ensure you are comfortable. Slowly get back to your standing position and repeat the exercise about ten times. You will feel some improvements from your pain.

Build Your Core

You add some pelvic lifts to your daily exercise routine to help you build your core. The exercise involves lying down and bending your knees in a way that your feet comfortably rest on the floor. Then you slowly alleviate the pelvic until your core and thighs are in line. But be careful not to go too fast as it could over arch your back. Hold only for about 5 seconds and slowly lower your pelvic to the ground. You can repeat several times, especially anytime you are working out.

Stretch Your Legs

Leg stretches have additional benefits to your back health. Look for open space and hold a low position like a crawling toddler. Ensure your head is straight with your face down to the floor. Hold your body firm and lift, stretching out one leg behind you. Hold for about five seconds once the leg is fully extended and alternate to the other leg repeatedly.

Consider Stabilizing Exercises

It would help if you got a large rubber swiss ball for these exercises. They involve rolling on the ball with your stomach comfortably resting and extending your legs and upper body out. Alternate the ball position by walking your body until the ball is under your thighs and returning to the initial position. In every position, whether the ball is under your stomach or thighs, ensure you keep your body as straight as possible. Repeat the exercise.

Strengthening your back can provide some pain relief. But you ought to do everything right. So, contact the Spine & Joint Physicians of Frisco back pain specialists to get a diagnosis first and understand the cause of your back pain. You can then consult your provider on the right ways to strengthen your back.